Thursday, March 09, 2006

With regards to why Germans don't dig the appellation Anglo-Saxon:

It's the hyphenation thing, I think. They hear Anglo-Saxon and immediatly get all hung up on the Anglo bit, and start feeling insecure... like Anglo is better than Saxon just because it is in front.

I told them, look, the Kaiser made some fantastic contributions to European history, but let's face it, you never did have an empire. I mean, even Portugal had an empire. And then you tried to go and make an empire, but the time had passed. it was like moving to Williamsburg after the mid-ninties- the rent was high, the locals didn't want you, and the cool kids had moved on long ago. And you totally like, went broke and pissed people off in the process, and ended up having to share your country cause you couldn't make rent.

And who had the best newest shiniest and biggest Empire, the empire to end all empires, the one the sun never set on? Uh huh. The Anglos.

My best friend and fellow self-conciously literary banterist then had this to offer: defines hyphen as:

hy·phen ( P ) Pronunciation Key (hfn)
A punctuation mark (-) used between the parts of a compound word or name or between the syllables of a word, especially when divided at the end of a line of text.

I think there should be an additional definition:

2. A punctuation mark used two link two surnames or two proper nouns (usually ethnicities) in order to achieve the impression of a higher social or evolutionary status. This was a particular common practice during the Wall Street Boom of the mid 80's.

Examples: 1)Tabitha Harrington-Brown


Anonymous ALLIE!! said...

an excellent post. However let's play "spot the typo." I (stupidly) wrote:

"used two link two surnames..."

anyway, im sorry that i tarnished an otherwise stellar post with such a glaring error. hopefully you can change that "two" to 'to'

-your loyal subject... ALLIE!!

5:34 PM

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