Friday, March 10, 2006

Viva Colognia!

it wasn't the first night of karneval, but it was the first anyone thought to document. friday the 24th we headed down to cologne, the grande dame of the rhein, to investigate rumours that kölsch is a better beer, and that kölners have a better handle on this celebrating thing that their friendly neighbors to the north. so for a night we left Helau back home and went to spread a little Alaaf instead.

8:30 PM. espressos in the köln hauptbahnhof as fortification for a long night

4:20 AM. yummy drunken imbiss kebab. the drinking is over but the fun's just begun

4:46 AM. what train did you guys say we were supposed to take?

4:47 AM. yes, that's my ass. four guys and a camera, inevitable, really.

4:54 AM. hey cowboy, can you help me wrangle a late night ride?

5:02 AM. like he knew where we were. and surprised we expected otherwise.

5:13 AM. should have gone for the shwarma.

5:24 AM. he was supposed to be on a flight in two hours, an hour away

5:26 AM. train? really? where? cause i'm not seeing a train

5:31 AM. we'll make it home eventually!

5:42 AM. briefly considered as an option

5:34 AM. hauptbahnhof! weren't we just there? düsseldorf, bitte?

6:08 AM. that's a wig, kiddos.


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