Tuesday, February 28, 2006


previous google searches for my name (yes, not above some time alone with my ego and a search engine) revealed very little. i was a star basketball player, a wildly successful texan real estate agent, an artist, a dead woman, and most excitingly, a dead californian artist.

but lo and behold. the google bot has been working through the night, and somewhere, deep in a server, it made the connection. google me, and you land here, in this toxic stew. not much ambiguity there either. unfortunately, unlike some folks, priveledged as they are, living aloud in seething anonymity in some of the larger cities, being a resident of the d'dorf doesn't offer much in the way of protection. see me? i'm the one talking about cairo in american english.

thinly veiled, at best. gauzy, really.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

disproving intelligent design

Hans Holbein d. J. was known for his pioneering use of depth and dimensions, his mastery of shadow and light, his fantastic elegiac works during his residency in Basel, and his work as the portraitist at the court of King Henry VIII. He was a contemporary and aquaintence of Erasmus and Martin Luther and a acolyte of the Northern Renaissance. There is an exhaustive collection of his work at the Kunstmuseum Basel, where it takes pride of place as one of the founding collections.

Obviously, an important figure in art history. I was led through the museum with my own personal docent, a family friend with exhaustive knowledge of all things Basel art. With due sobriety and respect I examined each painting at length. Until I saw this one:

Hans Holbien d. J. (der Jünger) - Adam und Eva

I recognize that Western tradition suggests we're all descended from these people. But am I the only one that thinks they look just a bit too Brit Brit and K-Fed? Does this make Sean Preston Cain? Quick, does he bear the mark of the beast?