Monday, January 23, 2006

the rebirth

chinoistown moved.

picked up her shit, shoved it hastily in some boxes, and ran off in search of a big fat paycheck.

that's not really true. in fact, i picked up my shit, shoved it hastily in some boxes, had my father drive into the city with the family wagon, ran each box down four flights of stairs through the eternal urine puddle at the end of the hall, taking special care with the thirty-odd pairs of shoes, and drove it all back out to the ct/country.

then i sat around for two months, waiting for my visa to come through, burning through my cash at an astounding rate. by the time i left the country, i was already $100 overdrawn.

that was three months ago. now, i'm in a new country and a new city. it's time for a new blog title. it's time for a new new. i'll fill in the back story as it comes along, but for now, a simple banner change will have to do.

hello, düsseldork.


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