Sunday, January 29, 2006


i went to the english language library today, a musty little attic
filled with yellowing books and a preponderance of british
observational travel writing, no doubt the legacy of the founders.
it's the sort of literature i dont think even exists in many libraries
today, filled as it is with offensive stereotypes and cliched
observations about 'natives' and 'locals'. it will prove to be good
reading, i'm sure. i plucked a few modern classics from the shelves,
mixed it up with some goethe and flaubert (obvious, i know. but i
might as well) and have spent the afternoon nestled in front of my
artificial fire reading. i think its the first time ive gone to a
library for anything other than research since i was about 14. kinda
fun, feeling the weight of other readers impressions on the pages.


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