Tuesday, July 12, 2005

try great books

a report by forbes says that 60% of american kids will read the new harry potter book. it's the sixth by brit author j.k. rowling, and it comes in at 672 pages. 1/4 of their parents also said they would read the book, although no word on whether this is reading aloud (which i fully support) or grabbing it out of their child's hands while sticking out their tongue and laughing cause your kid's little fists can't swing that far when you're holding them at arm's length.

i'd like to stop now and reiterate. this is children's lit. it's for kids. 6-16, i think the publishers say. even oprah is reading faulkner these days. for fuck's sake, go act your age, buy some real literature. it's cheap these days, thanks to great books programs and publishers like penguin classics, at about $10-$15 a pop.

here are some suggestions to get you started, courtesy of the MLA. and if flights of fancy ain't your thing, or you happen to be a democrat (good on ya!), some reality-based work. and if you're a giving soul, with about $7,989.99 to spare, donate a set to a local PS near you. you'll save $5,324.75 off the cover price... score!


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