Friday, July 22, 2005

taking the words out of my mouth

home for the weekend on family business, i sit compulsively reading blogs to feel connected to my city. the prevelance of pieces on the subway searches gets my hackles raised, as i feel scooped, having sat around grand central for an hour yesterday watching cameras and reporters with notepads (actual notepads- i didn't know they used those anymore- how romantic. made me want to go drink a whiskey and don a fedora) interview unsuspecting travelers and then getting caught in a photographers lens myself.

my younger brother and i take the same line, now that he's staying at my place, so spend a lot of time together, not speaking, just staring at the commuters and elbowing each other when we see the oddities of manhattan, like the guy with a parakeet on his shoulder, or the family of tourists all wearing their 'i heart nyc' t-shirts. so when i turned to him this morning to recount some exciting information i leaned in the times, i shouldn't have been surprised at his world weary sixteen year old response.

you know those really annoying subway ads?

the mitchum ones?

how'd you know?

you said annoying, didn't you?

yeah. well, they're coming down. direct violation of MTA policies.

i wondered about that.


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