Wednesday, July 06, 2005

stop the presses

We can all breathe a sigh of relief. Just as predicted, New York did not win the 2012 Olympic Summer Games bid. No one here really wanted it anyway. The tourists we deal with now are plenty, thank you. Besides, taking the world's favorite punching-bag city and bringing hundreds of thousands of athletes and tourists is sort of like drawing a festive and multicolored interlocking-ring bulls-eye on the place. In fact, some people were really against the whole idea, for all sorts of silly reasons, including the $12bn land grab of Queens, the red herring West Side Stadium, and the idea that Staten Island could be rightfully called part of NYC or that tourists would go there.

Reporters on CNN, who had long called Paris to be the favorite, noted that it was because of intense last-minute campaigning by Tony Blair that the London bid was re-reviewed and found to be favorable. Is that fair?

Putin was on Moscow, sure. Chirac seemed nonplussed but did make a public appearance or two, while Zapatero, who lacks name brand recognition, couldn't have done much. Blair, like the king charles he is, was running about in a tizzy jumping into everyone's laps. For New York, The World's Second HomeTM, Bush treated it the way he usually does- completely ignored it unless he could take credit. This may not have helped the bid, but an absence of Bush never seems to hurt in the eyes of the international community.

Nonetheless, it kind of hurts to know our president dislikes and discounts our city so much. I mean, we don't like him, and we don't want him anywhere near the place, but being standoffish and unwelcoming isn't nearly as effective or fun when the other half of the standoff doesn't want to play along.


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