Thursday, July 14, 2005

sticky fingers

So that’s where all those ashtrays in my house come from. And the matching set of beer steins, and the reserved table plaque, and the spoons from CZA, and the fleece Virgin blankets, and- I should just stop right there. Otherwise someone is going to get jealous of what fine taste and collectables I have and come try to steal all my stuff.

"Even the most upstanding citizens, it seems, can find justifications for a certain amount of petty thievery. Bad service in an expensive restaurant? Slip one of their fancy forks into your purse. Hankering for a souvenir from the cafe in Vienna where you ate that unforgettable Sachertorte? Take a linen napkin. A hotel's prices seem extortionist? You might as well swipe a monogrammed bath mat."

Benoit Monin, professor of psychology at Stanford University opines:

"I might think that a hotel guest is immoral for stealing a bathrobe, whereas morality doesn't even cross her mind. On the other hand, she might find my drinking habits immoral, whereas I might not give them a second thought."

What if I don’t remember? Can I blame my drinking habits? Is it moral to blame alcoholics? Can’t you see they just need help? I mean, that's just heartless.


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