Friday, July 15, 2005

so hot

the weekend is almost here. it's save the whales, and you know what that means. the annual excuse to go out to the country, throw a party in a barn, and run a tab where all the proceeds go to uh, saving the whales. and then we all make complete fools of ourselves, which will be vaguely remembered for recounting at the awards ceremony in late august. i know that the courtney love award is probably all locked up, but perhaps i can make my mark somehow... fabian basabe award, anyone? right, cause i'm classy like that.

of course, the real signifigance of save the whales lies less in the whale saving, although that is key, and a good deal in the sartorial entertainment the night provides. our male friends don their best in thrift store excellence, complete with plumy tuxedo shirts and tails. some of the women opt for homemade dresses. one of my friends is planning on wearing fins. me? i'm a simple gal. i think this in XXL, with a belt a la shirtdress, will do nicely.


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