Friday, July 08, 2005

the other island

hey, roosevelt island's not that bad. i've even been there. once. just for the night, and only cause his parents were out of town.

but seriously- it's got a cutesy euro-style tram, a commitment to some weird socialist utopian diaspora socio-economic mingling ideals, and like, trees. and sun. and the views! manhattan baby, manhattan. because everyone who can't live here insists it's like, sooooo much better to get to look at it.

so i'm sure the residents are going to be kinda disappointed to find out there is an entire movie about how creepy they all are.

of course, they are turning the old mental ward into condos. but this is new york, right?! (note: not manhattan. new york, okay. manhattan? no.) real estate and crazy people are as complimentary as kim jong il and a.q. khan.


Anonymous Sr. Digital said...


It IS part of manhattan and is a wonderful place to live and raise kids and avoid scary pudles of dark malignent water gushing from the apartments of irrational COOP board members who don't understand the benefits of privatization! grrrr... ya and the tram kicks ass!

10:12 AM

Blogger düssy said...

yeah yeah. i know. and i know who you are. and i wrote that just to piss you off. and it worked. sucker. heheheh.

11:01 AM


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