Thursday, July 21, 2005

the old grey lady is up to it again

I’m kinda a little bit in love with this guy… a 69 year old man who gets worked up about trail mix, curses Sam Walton, and shills for the Democrats.

“Wal-Mart, for example, boasts that its Sam's Club division has the lowest prices of any retailer. Mr. Sinegal emphatically dismissed that assertion with a one-word barnyard epithet. Sam's might make the case that its ketchup is cheaper than Costco's, he said, "but you can't compare Hunt's ketchup with Heinz ketchup."

Bullhonky? Since when is that an epithet?

And more on the NYT jag… last night happened to be out with friends, one of whom is going to go work for Lenny Kravitz in his new design firm. Cause everyone needs a little boudoir in their life. Kravitz you’ll recall, has such fine taste that his fully decorated apartment in Soho has been on the market for over three years and has had its price slashed twice. Another acquaintance of mine knew five guys who split the rent there and treated it as a giant i-banker rumpus room. He said it had more Lucite than he’d seen in his life. I’m gonna go with Lenny’s former design partner when he expresses his doubts as to the Kravitization of high style; “I don't know how he'd mold his design to other people's taste.”


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