Friday, July 08, 2005

oh this is embarassing

well, somehow or another, the friend of a friend of a friend who somehow showed up at shit hammered the other night found his way onto last night's party. of all the people i expected to make it on there, phil was definetely the last.

i want to take this moment to point out that our sartorial sense was much more derelicte than darien, and managed to get us free drinks at the bar, but somehow...

not only did phil make it onto lnp, he also found his way onto TOTC's new weekly feature 'blue states lose.' yup phil, that's you. loser #9. for the record though, i'm pretty sure phil is a republican.

9) Last Night's Party. Un-Tuesday photo #5553: "If my garbage bag bowtie is any indication, the future's so bright I gotta wear shades! cover my teary eyes because my dad hates me."

i have always kinda wanted to come to the attention of TOTC, but not like this. this was the same night the bouncer told me welcome back. no more happy ending. no more.


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