Saturday, July 23, 2005

oh sweet

my least favorite narcissistic person on the planet has her very own article in the times today, sure to swell her ego to unscalable heights!

let me be clear: i enjoy writing online. it's for my friends (when they chose to read it), it's because i live in a neighborhood that inspires rants, and its because i like the sound of my own voice.

however, a few ground rules.

i do not write about my personal life.

my friends rarely make it on here, except in the role of 'old roommate' or 'friend.'

affairs of the heart will never merit a mention.

people who shamelessly expose themselves emotionally ought to be flogged and subject to persecution, just like in the offline world. if i don't want to see your genitals on a street corner, i don't need to hear about your romps through dimly lit meatpacking lounges when you're feeling slick or disappointing drinks with scruffy brooklynites for when you're experimenting with your artsy side.

i'm not interested in your thread count, i don't care about your dye job, i'm don't want to read about your endless search for the right guy when any sane guy would steer clear away. you think you're going to meet anyone special when you're liveblogging your first impressions?

your wretched and pathetic childhood ought to be dealt with alone, offline. the comments of some syncophant readers are not going to help you through your mother's death, your divorce, or your first manuscript rejection.

and finally, paying $12 for a martini and bragging about it does not make you glamourous. it makes you insufferable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed. Agreed. And agreed. But thar Klein continues to blow...

7:05 PM


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