Thursday, July 21, 2005

oh the irony

just found this surfing archives. this is the weekend i roll out the Upsaida tee shirt. the only problem is, a shirt with this sort of magnitude of irony is really best worn in the lion's den itself... but that would require going uptown. hmm, lion's den. $50 says there is probably is a faux celtic pub up there by that very name.

update: there is no uptown lion's den. i was completely remiss in assuming that the neighborhood would be that unoriginal. come on, this is the home of american spirits! however, there is a downtown faux-celtic lion's den, and it is firmly within the boundaries of WoBro, which is actually just where UES initiates must aquire their mandatory beer paunches before they can join the big leagues by getting a job in finance, moving in with a fake blonde, and walking an emasculating dog wearing a sweater.
update: the lion's den is city hall of WoBro! how did i miss this cozy little atmospheric brasserie when i was at nyu? argh, the regrets and lamentations!


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