Friday, July 22, 2005

la hype

Following all the hype over some new lounge that is right around the corner from us, we decided to Citysearch it, because that’s always a surefire way to find out about the clientele. Read the user comments, establish level of dickery, and decide whether to avoid or enjoy. Since we are not at all the sort to frequent places where we have to call to get in (having successfully avoided milk and honey despite our friends’ gushing reviews and its two block proximity from our home) we doubted we’d be making an appearance at la esquiwhadever any time soon. While there were no user comments yet, the Citysearch-bot confirmed our suspicions.

Yeah. We thought so.

NB: We dislike daily candiers intensely and would have been extremely unlikely to show up, regardless of reviews. And ToTC, what is this shameless shilling for Eater? We all know you work for its mothership.


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