Thursday, July 14, 2005

the futility of it all

What’s the difference between my blog and Chris Mohney’s? Mine’s more likely to get me fired than hired. I don’t know whether it’ll be because I find inspiration for it during working hours, or whether it’ll be when I’m connected through my brilliant analysis at work and my brilliant analysis online… (given that there are only so many middle-east hands living in a grimy Chinatown apartment) but one of these days, someone will find it, and I will be a casualty of the Seduction of the Blogger, which will then likely become the title for my off-off-off-Broadway play that will be staged in the recesses of my mind late at night as I contemplate selling my body to pay the rent, like a certain roommate I once knew. Of course, if I lose my apartment because I lose my job, then I also lose the cachet of being Chinoistown. Ah, conundrums! Luckily I am safe in the knowledge that aside from one or two or three shouts on Curbed, no one even reads this shit. Phew.


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