Tuesday, July 12, 2005


last night was another foray to upsaida for burritos and beer at the old roomies cubby. we wanted a movie, but are all in hiding from the blockbuster kneecappers (end of late fees, my ass) and on-demand was experiencing some sort of service related blackout, per the usual.

so instead, we went right to the source -- the asian lady on the subway. my friend was standing there, train a-rockin', about to make the trade for the fantastic four, when a bum came up to him and starting yelling. no! no! that's no good man. get war of the worlds. fantastic four sucks man! no! no! our friend tried bargaining the movie down from five, but as we pointed out, giving the subway lady a fiver was a hell of a lot better than giving xenu $42.00.

the movie itself? i'm going to try to avoid slipping into more movie reviews, cause they're silly, and i don't know what i'm talking about. all i will say -- spoiler -- is that the best part is definitely when the guy covers up the camcorder with his coat in the theatre, the screen goes black, and you can only hear muffled screaming. that was a nice dramatic flair. so was the performance of cruise, acting like he was from jersey, when in fact he's from... oh right, jersey. and made out with my cousin. and got his ass kicked in front of her house. and had to be rescued by my uncle. pussy.


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