Saturday, July 02, 2005

backyard christo

now that i've disinvited myself from the hamptons this weekend, i had to find an alternative way of getting out of manhattan. as i often do, i headed for the family home out in connecticut, to raid a full fridge and play with dogs that weigh ten times your average park ave pooch.
the heavy rains that had us boiling our water in manhattan hit the surrounding connecticut and upstate area with gusto, and the next morning my family rose to find 2 inches of water in the finished basement.
as part of earning my keep for this long weekend, i willingly pitched in ripping up the entire carpet and gutting the paneling along the walls. we moved all the furniture out into the yard, including our massive 8' long sofa and matching loveseat.
shadows started to grow long, and with evening plans for all it didn't look like there would be time to return the couches to the basement.
what to do to avoid the dew?

dad pulled a christo. i got to play jean-claude.


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