Thursday, July 14, 2005

back to business

The Observer (my new favorite time-killer!) has an uplifting and realistic take on the London blasts. While I was in the office till 9:00 last night working on an op-ed on the 'real causes of terror,' most Britons were apparently snug in bed without a care in the world. We americans really are overly excitable. The best paragraph comes at the end:

One newspaper columnist even thought "it was a good thing" that the bombs had gone off in Britain rather than in the U.S., where it would have been "used by the Bush administration as an argument for locking people up indefinitely, taking away Americans' civil liberties, and perhaps even for invading some other unsuspecting country. One bomb in an American city, and it would have a free run down to 2008." The debt owed the British people for swallowing this particular grenade may be greater than we thought.

But I still encourage reading the whole article.


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