Friday, July 08, 2005

alcohol kills

sure, it's not as fast as a 10 lb. sack of dynamite, but still. fatalities from alcohol abuse are known to far exceed annual terrorism-related deaths.

this, however, does not seem to concern kathy reul.

ms. reul enjoys a healthy tipple every day on the subway, and never attempts to be discreet.

Kathy Reul, 44, a health care worker from Queens, confided to a reporter: "I drink a beer every day on the subway. I don't have it in a cup. I have not seen a police officer on a subway train in a long time. If I can get away with having a beer, I can get away with having a bomb."

as much as we are worrying about the chance of getting killed by a fanatic on some poorly articulated religious jag, we really ought to be more concerned with the state of health care in the US today. when those responsible for keeping us whole are knocking back brewskies before they've changed out of their scrubs, i think the message might be getting lost.


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