Tuesday, July 12, 2005

ah, memories

unBeige brings up Czech design. Prague reminds us too of catwalks and absinthe, but in our four months teetering around on three inch heels and three too many, we actually did make it to the spectacular displays of Czech design tucked around the city. We started at the Obneci Dum in the center of Namesti Miro and threw back a few free glasses of vino with de Klerk, Havel, and the Dalai Lama at the annual Prague Forum 2000, all the while gaping at the Art Deco light fixtures and gold filigree.

From there we moved on, in a eager, open, and exploratory state, to the Umeleckoprumyslove Muzeum (or the Museum of the Decorative Arts, your call) where we looked at crystal, glass, costumes, porcelain, silver and all sorts of collected trinkets and oddities. It was actually a spectacular display of applied design. Nifty. Feeling like we were really on a jag, we made our way to the Museum of Communism, a nasty little tourist trap operated by a nasty little man named Glen. It was disappointing and expensive and intensely inauthentic. Feeling like we needed a refresher, we stopped quickly for a belly-warmer at U Medvidku and cleared our spirits. We charged on, to the Mucha Museum, home of the collection of famed Art Nouveau graphic artist Mucha, known best for his portraits of Sarah Bernhardt.

And then, after spending a lot of time doing intense cultural exploration, we got drunk. You expected depth? All I was trying to say here was that unBeige missed out. And then insulted us with obvious played post title. Got that?


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