Tuesday, July 05, 2005

229 years of bombs bursting in air

Happy birthday America. From isti's vantage point on her back in a grassy field, it looked an awful lot like the world's largest military power celebrating a ideological revolution with displays of martial prowess.

We ditched the sweltering environs of nyc for a breezy perch on a hill in ct, a poolside lounger and a lot of sunscreen. After being willingly disinvited from hamptonia over the weekend, it seemed like a no-brainer to trade backbreaking manual labor for fresh fruit salad and cocktails on the back porch. There's something intensely satisfying about taking an exacto knife to the industrial carpet I drenched in beer so often in the earlier years.

Just to prove that the sun didn't addle my brain too much, I'd like to draw attention to the Sunday auto section of the NYT. An article revealing that the main buyers of toyota's scion line are mostly old people didn't come as too much of a surprise to my cohort of 'gen y'- those of us who look at the $100,000 in college debt, the possibility of another $100,000 in grad school debt, our $1000/mo rents and out-of-pocket health care and sub-$50,000 salaries and think- cars? Who the fuck are you kidding at $2.00 a gallon and $250/mo in insurance?

However, it did come as a surprise when my friend, in town from Dallas, wheeled up in a fully loaded ($22,000 the article helpfully points out) Scion xB in a tasteful silver. It was her father's, a solid sexagenarian who just traded in a Saab convertible for a taste of something roomier, younger, angular-er and shaped suspiciously like a bomb squad concern.

Nice work douggie fresh. Excellent job keeping up with the times.


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