Wednesday, June 08, 2005

poverty and the pretty girl

the best thing about living in chinoistown? the incredible proximity to my favorite bar. tucked behind a ratty pink awning and distinguished only by it's unusual lack of giant black garbage bags out front, happy ending is the best thing since that other place we used to go to was totally overrun by jersey trash. actually, happy ending is kinda not so good on weekends, but that could be the preponderence of the shark-suited stylings of the (i'm not saying they are for certain, but you know, they do look like they're packing when they walk around like that) fuk ching.

yes, yes, i know, talking about an interesting bar is a surefire way of making it into the damascus spring, over before it began. and yes, yes, i'm also aware that name-checking the bar now is just passe. but i just love that i live approximately one block from free drinks every tuesday night. it's brilliant. especially since these days i make less than $8.50 an hour churning out reports on the middle east that probably not a single soul reads. (Like fun things on why the Syrian VP resigned, or enlightening commentary about Lebanese assassinations.) it's a damn good thing i'm just that pretty that i can skip into a bar and get my drinks paid for. even if it is my boyfriend doing it. haha! sucker.

poverty is a vicious thing. on my overinflated salary of $400 a week (pre-tax folks, lets not get jealous) i shell out $700 a month in rent, to share a one bedroom with my best friend. she makes her money doing this, which is amazing to drop on someone in a bar, but not really the best way to find yourself drinking crystal at marquee. where i would actually want to stick that skipole in my eye. more on eye gouging and pro-skiing later.


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