Thursday, June 23, 2005

one-half nelson, sans his laidie

yesterday i found myself in grand central, something that happens quite often these days, given my newfound proximity and undying fondness for large municipal buildings. however, on this particular visit i was escorting my young suburban brother to get him back on a train to the motherland, and given the relative lateness of the hour, he was hungry. i promised him expensive bourgeoisie food in the forms of fresh foccacia, artisnal cheese, heirloom tomatoes and succulent salmon over at the GCT market.
as we fought our way through the crowds of commuters, tods bags flying in the rush and brooks brothers suits rumpled in the heat, all for the sake of finding lil' bro some creme fraiche to eat with his seven grain handed kneaded bread, i saw him.

one-half nelson.

(photo stolen from tale of two cities.)

yes, there he was, responding with heavily lidded eyes to a customer obviously befuddled by his enormous 70's era glasses. having been born and raised in the CT, there is nothing i know better than the incomprehensibility of such attire and grooming to a connecticut career woman. she kept repeating something about a pound of colombian beans roasted french style with a hint of sumerian and he, resplendent in bowl cut and wrist cuffs, nodded as though drugged.

i stopped, stared, pulled my brother aside and elbowed him in the side as a warning to remain silent. shh, don't look now, but that's... that's... one-half nelson. the king of hip- or something. my brother was shocked, horrified, fascinated and amazed. he leaned over and whispered... "katie, i can't wait to move to new york." i patted him on the head and reassured him that his time too would come.

at this obvious gawking one-half stirred and looked up. there i was, dressed like any other office drone, bag of murray's cheese in hand. i knew he thought i was staring, admiring or aghast, at his hair, his piercings, his glasses likely stolen from my grandmother. he would have had no way of knowing how much deeper our encounter truly ran.


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