Monday, June 27, 2005

menace in grand central

just getting back from a weekend in the country, stumbling through the station today at 7:55 on my way to the office, i almost, almost, did a doubletake when i walked by a trashcan in the middle of the hall, with a large blue metal box sitting on the floor next to it. the fact that someone left their box unattended was not that shocking, although i was a bit surprised to note that the legions of army reserve guys with the big ass motherfucking guns hadn't hauled out that bombsquad machine. you know, this one.

no, what made me almost fall off my heels was the wires snaking out of the box, up the side of the can, and into its yawning maw. that to me looked a little suspicious. i considered finding a police officer or an MTA employee, but at that point i only had five minutes to get to work. i mean, i think my supervisor would have forgiven me, had the box proven to be a dirty bomb or something. then again, as i thought about it some more, he probably would have just laughed at me for acting like such a tourist. besides, i figured, as much as i love GCT, i work far enough away that unless it was a pretty intense blast, i'd be okay. i mean...

actually, as i kept walking, i saw these crazy looking metal multi-pronged things dangling from nylon webbing over all the major arches in the terminal. i figured then it must be some sort of test. but of what? i queried those knowledgeable folks over at curbed, but if they don't deliver, i'm calling the terminal myself.

anyone want to buy me a digital camera? it really would make this so much more interesting.


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