Thursday, June 30, 2005

a little recogniton please

Chinatown gets shat on again. In this map from nyc bloggers we notice something is missing. Like our train. Locate the Grand Street stop? They list it as shuttle service. I hate to break it to my 4/5/6 centric-Manhattanites, but the Grand Street Shuttle is only a 'shuttle' if you take it from Broadway-Lafayette. The rest of the time, it is a full fledged B/D train that runs both ways, not just downtown, and continues south-easterly all the way to Brighton Beach (B) and Coney Island (D).
So why the hate? Do we just not recognize it as more than a shuttle because it's a 15 minute ride across to Brooklyn and well into the other borough before it's first stop? Is this too far for Manhattan? So they pretend our train doesn't exist pass Grand Street? I call bullshit. Especially because the grey S circle is just really uninspired.


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