Friday, June 17, 2005

ah yes...

man... how familiar does this sound.

after a run of, count 'em- 5 internships in the past 2 years, i am happy to announce i will be done! done! done! after this summer.

just in case you're keeping score, it has been

*1 paid - cushy summer job with a BigBank where i worked on making labels match for their contract binders. wow, in retrospect, that was a lot of money. too bad i was young, naive, new to the city, and blew it all at B-Bar and the Park. please don't spread that around.

*1 metro card stipend - per semester, a monthly rate (love how shiesty they were) that exactly paid for the trips i made to the office. that's right folks. bastards wouldn't even give me a monthly pass. and you know what? i still haven't recieved one of the two semesters reimbursement. from december. i don't care even if they are a not for profit. i've seen their membership fees.

*and 1 bait and switch - so what if we told you $15/hour, 8 hour days in the meeting, you're totally gonna love $400 a week- taxed, natch - 9.5 hour days! i long for the days of the BigBank and the 8:45 start. forget the money. just let me sleep. i don't deal with your london clients anyway.

oh and the rest? don't make me giggle. they paid in hugs and rainbows.


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